School of Environmental Sciences

BA Program

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in geography and environmental studies offers a comprehensive exploration of diverse disciplines within the field. This program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in geography and environmental studies, along with opportunities to delve into advanced spatial technologies (GIS, remote sensing). The BA program is offered in two tracks: Day Studies and Evening Studies.


Day Studies - 3 years

(201102-23-01) Single major track 

In this track, students will take 120 credits, of which at least 90 credits are in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, and up to 30 credits from all University courses.

(201101-23-01) Double major track 

In this track, students will have an additional major outside the School.  In each major, the student will take 60 course credits.

A student with a double major will be able to choose either day or evening studies:

  • Day studies - the studies last three years and take place over two semesters a year on two concentrated days a week
  • Evening studies - the studies last for three years and take place over three semesters a year (including summer), one day a week, between 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM. This allows students who work during the day to study in the evenings. The evening study program is identical in terms of its requirements to the day study program including lectures and field days.

General admission requirements:

For candidates whose language of instruction in highschool was not Hebrew and who did  not take the psychometric exam in Hebrew, a grade of 120 in the Hebrew language test (Yael or Yalant) is required. The University of Haifa allows its candidates to take a screening exam in Hebrew. Candidates who meet other requirements but have a hebrew test score between 90-119 will be admitted conditionally to the first year of studies. These candidates will have to pass the Hebrew  test with a score of 120 or higher during their first year of studies, or take a Hebrew course at the university preparatory school during their first year, and successfully complete the course.

A minimum level – pre-basic A level score, is required in the English language from the psychometric exam, Amir test, Amiram exam or based on the SAT, TOFEL and IELTS tests. 

In addition to the aforementioned general university admission conditions, the candidate must meet the admission conditions:


School admission requirements:

For Day studies, a weighted grade (Bagrut matriculation and psychometric) of 540 is required.

For Evening studies, a weighted grade (Bagrut matriculation and psychometric) of 500 is required. 

Admission interview or entrance exam - if necessary and at the discretion of the School.


Admissions without psychometric exam

Those with a weighted bagrut matriculation average above 100 will be able to be admitted without the need for the psychometric exam, provided they passed the Hebrew test with a score of at least 100.

Those 30 years and older can be admitted without a psychometric exam,  based on a full bagrut matriculation score with an average of at least 75, and on the condition that they passed the Hebrew test with a score of at least 100.

Graduates of Preparatory School at Haifa University will be able to be admitted to undergraduate studies if they have completed the Preparatory School with an average grade of at least 90.

Holders of a bagrut matriculation certificate (under the age of 30) with an average grade of at least 75 can enroll in the prerequisite academic track, and will be required to study three mandatory courses and receive a grade of at least 76 in each of the courses in order to successfully complete the track. Those who graduate successfully will be admitted as a full-fledged BA students the following semester.