School of Environmental Sciences

Welcome to the School of Environmental Sciences

פרופ׳ לאה ויטנברג

Prof. Leah Wittenberg

Welcome to the School of Environmental Sciences

The School of Environmental Sciences was established based on two departments: The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management. The School of Environmental Sciences aims to maintain and promote a high level of research and teaching on sustainability and environmental issues. The school's faculty consists of leading researchers from social sciences, natural sciences, earth sciences, and engineering- a unique combination of fields that allows advancing broad understanding of the natural systems operating on Earth, their impact on society and humanity, and vice versa.

A special UN report (reference link is needed) indicates three unprecedented environmental crises that threaten the existence of humans and the quality of life on earth: climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Many researchers believe we stand at a critical point in dealing with environmental challenges. Albert Einstein said, ”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."; The establishment of The School of Environmental Sciences meets the growing demand for the training of researchers, experts, and professionals who will look deep into nature, understand it better, and form the future generation in research, management, planning, and development in various fields of the environmental sciences.

At the School of Environmental Sciences, we foster excellence in research and teaching. We strive to equip our graduates with theoretical knowledge, skills and applied tools to place them at the forefront of environmental research and management. During undergraduate studies, our students can specialize in one or more of the study tracks: geoinformatics, environment and climate, and sustainable development. The graduate (master's and doctoral degrees) programs are designed to deepen professionalization in the fascinating world of environmental management, spatial data science and environmental technology, urban sustainability, energy and water resources management, disaster and emergency areas, and more.

Join us for a fascinating and challenging educational journey. Together, we will make an impact and improve our environment.


March 12, 2024

חדש! תואר שני עם התמחות במערכות מידע מרחבי

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July 20, 2023

מלגת "אהבת עולם"

מלגת "אהבת עולם" היא מלגה ייחודית ובלעדית לסטודנטים באוניברסיטת חיפה המאפשרת היכרות עם התרבות והדת…
July 20, 2023

"מלגת "ג'ויס

מלגת ג'ויס הינה מלגה ייחודית לסטודנטיות המתחילות את לימודיהן בשנה"ל תשפ"ד באוניברסיטת חיפה. גובה המלגה…
July 19, 2023

חדש!!! פרקטיקום לתואר ראשון

הקורס מאפשר לסטודנטים התנסות והתמחות מעשית בארגונים בשני תחומים עיקריים: ייעוץ סביבתי וממ"ג. במסגרת ההתמחות…